jax_portraitInto it: An intuitive approach to creative work.

Through review of graphic design history, the examination of the of language forms, and the study of semiotic image communication, I investigate the possible ways that graphic design components might be reconstructed, recombined and/or revisited in answer to the question: “What else might this be?” My work process is informed by a desire to freely range in possibility and includes a practice of letting image speak to me, rather than fully dictating meaning. It is a purposefully intuitive stance.
My illustrative design practice is informed by my devoted observation of human nature paired with an appreciation, bordering on awe, of the value of the natural world we are privileged, at least for the time being, to enjoy. In time, I’ve come to see that my role as a creative being includes a focused attention on the complexities, wonders and humor that come with being human.
I seek to show the absurdity of life, the simple beauty, the poetry  and possibilities of word and image through playing with definition. I approach this exploration as a person with decades of life experience as a working graphic designer, student, illustrator, teacher, mother, dedicated Tom Jones fan, and sentient being.


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